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Our Community

One of the best things about a gym membership is the social aspect. Sure, it's harder to feel together at home, but it's definitely not impossible. (And it'll save you a heck of a lot of time!) 

You can join Lioness Online alone, or band together with friends to create your own Workout Pod. Either way, you'll get assigned an accountability coach and wrapped into our community of fun, badass women (who don't take ourselves that seriously). 😉

You'll also get bonus trainings and tons of extra support you wouldn't get in a regular gym!

Our Workouts

Working out at home is great, but doing a bazillion burpees and push-ups and other mega-hard, cardio-centric bodyweight moves is NOT. 🥵

We're all about working smart, not just hard, training our bodies to move the way they were designed to (without pain) and working out to increase our energy rather than deplete it. 💪🏽

That's why we LOVE resistance bands for virtual training. They're cheap and portable, safe to use around kids, and easy to adjust to ANY fitness level.

In Lioness Online, you get 5 LIVE workouts each week (3 new resistance band workouts and 2 dumbbell workouts), and if you can't make it live, they're all saved in our private portal for easy on-demand viewing anytime. 👌

You'll also have access to 3 Zoom classes/week, if you prefer to interact with your trainer live (so helpful for form checks and accountability!).

Curious what the exercises look like? Take a peek at the 60+ examples on our YouTube channel!

Example Workout

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What You Need

You can choose dumbbells OR bands. (Or both!)



  • 1 pair of lighter DBs (5-10 lb)
  • 1 pair of heavier DBs (15-25)

Occasionally, we'll add other common household items like a chair or a pair of sliders (you can use thick socks on hardwood OR paper plates on carpeting). 

With the right technique + band tension, these workouts will challenge ANYONE, from an infrequent exerciser to an experienced lifter.

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Virtual Workouts

We host 5 LIVE workouts per week, right in the private Lioness Online portal. Join in at 7:00 AM CST, M-F, OR watch them later, anytime! You'll also have access to 3 Zoom workouts/week, on Tues/Thurs evenings and Saturday mornings. (Don't worry - we post a fresh workout calendar each month to help you keep track of everything!)

Lioness Online Portal

In our private portal, you'll find easy access to our on demand workouts, plus bonus 10 minute focus workouts and printed grab-and-go workouts (great for travel!). You'll also find tons of bonus content, including our 5 Day Nutrition Refresh Program and our Exercise Library.


Once you sign up, you'll be assigned to an accountability coach, who will work with you 1-on-1 to help you set and reach goals. Your coach is there for you anytime to answer questions and support you on your at-home fitness journey. If you have friends you'd like to team up with, you can create a Workout Pod for even more accountability. (And savings!) 

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